Friday, 16 December 2011

Happy Birthday Carlo

It's Carlos 65th Birthday today, and I've made him a card.  I always find it hard to make cards for men as I can never think of a theme, but this time a used race horses (although they look a bit chubby!). 

Each little horse is made from felt with a tail and mane made from thread and a couple of googly eyes.  The little coats are piece of wide ribbon and the hooves are black card.  I didn't have any grey thread for the grey horse so I used white and a black pen to give it grey streaks (he is my favourite!)

Each horse has a little number on his coat (written on a circle of card from a hole punch with a gold pen) which make his birthday. I'm sure no one will notice, but it's there.

They are mounted, along the the letters, onto acetate with a cloud background so they get some nice shadows. The trophy is just thick foil with 65 written with an black OHP pen.
I don't think he is much of an Internet surfer so I don't suppose this will spoil the surprise.  I hope he likes it and has a lovely birthday.

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